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Abstract submission

We thank you for the numerous abstract submissions. The deadline for submission was 31 May 2023.

Call for abstracts (PDF)

Thank you for submitting your results from research and practice on the following main topics: 

  • Surface modification technologies  
  • Biofilm formation  
  • Antimicrobial coatings  
  • Implant associated  
  • Infections  
  • Tissue regeneration/regenerated medicine  
  • Cell-material interactions  
  • Additive manufacturing (e. g. 3D printing)  
  • Biofabrication  
  • Clinical applications and translation 

How to submit an abstract 

In case of any questions please reach out to 

Stefan Regge
Abstract management

Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH  
Carl-Pulfrich-Straße 1 • 07745 Jena